My PC is Struck. It was recently detected by MSE but it was unable to clean this threat completely. My PC hangs and requires to be rebooted every now and then. How can I remove Completely?

What is is deemed as nasty browser hijacker infection that would penetrate silently into your system and can be used as useful search engine. But the main issue is that it would mainly hijack your browser and replace the browser homepage and search engine of all your favorite browser with its suspicious domain. It mainly get distributed through unwanted programs such as freeware application, spam email attachments, corrupt files and other unknown applications. Whenever user open their new tab or new Windows, it would appear automatically and sits for long time in your browsers.

Generally, your computer get infected by while installing freeware software, like PDF creators, installing music, YouTube video downloader, media player, audio player, clicking junk mail, checking the spam email account as well as mail attachment and users are visiting freely pornography web sites or other malicious operation. Once installed, will keep advertising your system with troublesome in-text ads, voucher, coupons, banners ads as well as video adverts. You web default settings will be changed and all the time you will get redirected to the malicious websites that will put your PC at very high risk threats. can give permission to third party for example remote server and hackers which may access for stealing personals information like IP address, bank account information, credit card numbers, transaction id, client details, and so on. It will send many unwanted pop up applications as well as install many counterfeit toolbar. Meanwhile, it brings various types of infection which can create more trouble for your system. Thus, if you don’t take any effective action against it, you will lose the control over your PC and browser as well. So, considering all the facts, it is advised you to remove without any delay completely in order to protect your PC from further attacks and damages.

Symptoms Of

When you computer get infected with browser hijacker then your browser’s default search engine along with current homepage gets changed without your approval. The toolbars intrude by this infection in the browser comes bundled with some free programs which you download and install in the system. This infection might results in following consequences :

This infection has the potential to install other ransomware, spyware, malware, trojan infections without your approval.
It may monitor your browsing habits and steal your personal information.
It can redirect or navigate your search engine to several dangerous websites.
This infection hijacks your web browser and display fake contents on your system screen.
It takes up a lot of CPU and memory resources that makes your PC slow down.
This threat may open up system backdoors for remote attackers and allow them to access your Windows PC secretly.
You will get multiple online pop-up alerts for advertising purpose.
Due to this infection some of your programs or applications may take a long time to respond and your web pages will also load slowly.

How to Fix Your Hijacked Web Browser?

If you find the browser homepage, your regular search engine or other settings of your browser is changed to or other hazardous website, don’t rush to revert all settings back straight away before you wipe out the malicious program on your PC. The browser hijacker will not leave your browser until you have cleaned the malware and all of its files. Thus, you need to find out the root causing this redirect virus and eliminate it from your system first.
If you are not confident modifying computer settings and registry entries, please use the removal tool to complete this task.

If you are an experienced computer user, follow the removal guides below in steps to remove

steps to remove

Step One: Uninstall the Rouge Program from Your Computer

Click on Start > Control Panel > Programs And Features.

If you see the Control Panel Window opening with “Category” view by default, choose “Uninstall a program” listed under the “Programs”.


You can then see a list of all your installed programs, locate the program that you don’t recognize and you don’t remember you have installed before. If you are not sure if the program you’ve select is safe to uninstall, search the name of the software on the Internet.

If you are asked for making confirmation, click on the Uninstall or Yes button to execute the uninstallation procedure.

Step Two: Delete Registry Entries Related to This Browser Hijacker

Click Start > Run, type “regedit ” in the Open box and then click on OK.

Windows 8 type regedit

Press Ctrl+F keys together, type “9o0gle” or the name of the suspicious program in the text field, press Enter.

search registryWhen you get any related result, select the registry or the key you want to delete and press Delete.

Step Three: Set A New Homepage on Your Browsers

145577_chrome_513x512 Google Chrome

  1. Open Chrome browser.
  1. Click the Menu Firefox-menu-button or More moreicon at the top-right corner of the browser.
  1. Select Settings.

Chrome settings

  1. Under “Appearance” section, click Change to set your homepage with a new web address.

Change homepage Chrome

firefox-64 Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Firefox browser.
  2. Click the Menu?Firefox-menu-button > Options.

Options Firefox

  1. Select the General.
  2. Enter the URL of the website you want to set as the homepage to replace

Change Homepage Firefox

  1. Close this page and the change will be saved automatically.

Internet_Explorer-128 Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer browser.
  2. Click Tools > Internet Options

Internet options IE

  1. Delete the existing web link in the Home page field, type in the web address of the website that you want as your new home page.

Change Homepage IE

  1. Click on OK.

?ms_edge1600Microsoft Edge

  1. Open Microsoft Edge browser.
  2. Click the Three-dot More icon edgemenu > Settings

Settings Edge

  1. Select the option of A specific page or pages under the Open With.

change homepage Edge

  1. Click the X mark to remove the link of unwanted website and enter a new one.
  2. Press Enter key to save your changes and restart the browser.

Step Four: Change Your Default Search Engine

145577_chrome_513x512 Google Chrome

  1. Type “chrome://settings/searchEngines” in the address bar of your Chrome browser and press Enter.

Chrome- Settings- search engines

  1. And then you will see a list of all search engines that have been installed on your browser.

As is your current search engine, you should make another search engine as your new default search engine first and then you are allowed to remove it.

Now move your mouse over the search engine you wish to use and select “Make default”.

Chrome - Change search engine 1

  1. Click the X of 9o0gle search engine to delete it from your browser.

Chrome - Change search engine 2

  1. Click on Done button to save your setting.

Chrome - Change search engine 3

firefox-64 Mozilla Firefox

  1. Type “about:preferences#search” in the address bar of Firefox browser and press Enter.

Firefox- address bar

  1. Select a new search engine you prefer in drop-down menu under Default Search Engine.
  2. Select the search engine that you don’t need and click on the Remove button.

?Firefox - Change search engine

Internet_Explorer-128 Internet Explorer

  1. Click Tools > Manage add-ons > Search Providers

IE manage add-ons

  1. If you find any strange search engine in the list, select it and click on Remove.

IE - remove search engine

ms_edge1600 Microsoft Edge

  1. If your default search engine is altered by the redirect virus and you want to use a new one, please open the web page of a search website you’d like to use and click on the More icon > Settings.

If you have ever set your search engine by yourself, you could just click on More actions icon directly and choose Settings.

Settings Edge

  1. When you are presented with Settings menu, scroll down it and click on View Advanced Settings.

Edge - View advanced settings

  1. Navigate to Search in the address bar with option.

If you see the search engine is replaced with or other dubious web address, click on <Add new> to choose another one.

Edge - Change search engine

  1. Click on the website that you would like to make as your default search engine and then click on Add as default.


Get Rid of by Using Advanced Removal Tool

The manual removal method may have your browser get out of the control of the browser hijacker, but there must be some infected files and altered changes you omit when you try removing the infections. Though your browser may be able to work as usual without interruption, some invisible changes still can’t be restored manually. In addition, you could fail to delete some malicious files or programs during the removal process. Or you think you have removed them successfully, while they can revive as long as you restart the browser.

Anyway, removing the browser hijacker manually is not the best solution. It is time-consuming while low-efficiency. It even requires the users have excellent computer skills to perform the removal. Computer security experts always suggest web users to use the professional and reliable removal tool to remove the browser hijacker or other PC threats.

SpyHunter is such an effective application that helps users scan the computer fully and remove the detected threats quickly. It is a secure program which is free of virus and malware. We assure you that you will not get any additional program or unpleasant thing during its installation. You can uninstall it easily any time you want.
Now download SpyHunter installer to your computer:


Follow the on-screen instructions to install SpyHunter on your PC until it is complete.

The default installation directory is C:\Program Files\Enigma Software Group\SpyHunter.

SpyHunter installation step 5
After you finish the installation, SpyHunter will immediately start a quick scan for computer threats.

Tips: To ensure a complete scan, it is suggested that you exit all other running programs and close the browser.

SpyHunter scanning
Once the scan is over, click on Fix Threats to remove all detected infections.

The scan results will be listed with detailed information for users to review.

spyhunter fix threats
Restart the computer at last.

Conclusion is an annoying and stubborn browser hijacker virus which can only be removed by manual. This virus is usually associated with other third party programs which you can download from the Internet and then install on your computer. Once this virus sneaks into your computer, it has the ability to act as a platform for other infections (warm, Trojans, spyware, adware, etc.) to get into your computer more easily. What’s more, this infection may collect your sensitive data on your computer. And then transfer your confidential data and send them to remote cyber hackers without your consent or notice. It will run itself automatically when you start your computer or open a new tab. This virus will become a great problem on your compromised computer. So, in order to protect your computer, you’d better delete this virus as soon as you can before it messes up your computer.


Follow the steps above and you will be able to remove from the PC. If other browser hijackers are found on your PC in the future, you can get rid of them in the same way. It’s not a good experience to see such unwanted items on the machine. To avoid them and protect the PC, please be more cautious when surfing the web, especially downloading and installing programs. Remember to choose the advanced install and read the EULA carefully when installing a program. Always keep an advanced antivirus program on the PC. If any malware can’t be removed completely, try SpyHunter.