What is Motious.com?

Motious.com is a kind of severe redirect virus that may use lots of false or misleading information to trick you to download insecure or third party applications. Sometimes, it may appear as an advertise websites which typically penetrates along with malign shareware programs, unsafe web pages and other third party browser applications. Your start page or search provider gets accidentally modified when Motious.com is infiltrated on your PC. When you open Chrome or major versions of browsers, you may notice a mass of unreliable pop-up alerts on the system screen. These alerts stating that your need to upgrade your video player because your video player is out of dated.

In this fact, you should try to navigate your mouse cursor on ‘ start download ‘ button, because Motious.com mau distribute malicious program that executes lots of infected banner ads, endless commercial adverts onto the system. In these times, your entire browser pages may be filled by fake update alerts and suspicious infections. Moreover, you should ignore its associated update links as you can, otherwise Motious.com may start reroute you to some horrendous or unsafe websites which are loaded with tons of numerous tricky programs. It usually implants pesky pop-up adverts into your default search results and tracks your critical browsing histories. Motious.com is extremely very noxious web page that can put your private data is at dangerous risk. Somehow, cyber spammers may use this domain to allows many virus attacks. Therefore, if you are not able to protect your privacy, you should take quick measure to get rid of Motious.com from your system completely.

Why Motious.com Infection Is Dangerous?

Motious.com pest adds a browser extension so that it can easily over your browser. Yes, that includes Internet Explorer, Safari, Bing, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. As mentioned above, from the time Motious.com infects your browsers, they are no longer reliable. The virus begins aggressively questionable redirect pages filled with questionable content, because its objective is to generate web traffic. Note none of the search results, pop-ups, multiple ads in various forms and even program updates brought to you by the virus is reliable. Accidentally you may end up in dangerous Web sites infected with malware or you could also lose your confidential data. Motious.com shows potentially corrupt links and makes unauthorized modifications in your browser settings, but also jeopardizes your privacy. Hackers monitors all your activities related to navigation so it could be steal your private information and sell them to third parties and ultimately, make money on their own. It Includes your passwords, user names, browsing history,
search queries, IP addresses, email addresses, etc. but the virus can also try to spy your bank account details as well. It is obvious that this threat is dangerous for you. To manually uninstall Motious.com nasty browser hijacker, please follow the guide below you will find detailed extraction:-

How to Remove Motious.com from Your PC?

When it comes to Motious.com removal, you may first consider removing it in a way without costing money, either manually remove it or use a free antiviurs program. However, in most time, the free way is not effective. So, we suggest that you use a more reliable solution and remove the browser hijacker by using a paid anti-malware program when needed.

Manual Removal Tutorial

Step 1: Remove the browser hijacker related program

Step 2: Remove the browser hijacker from browsers

Step 3: Clean the affected browsers’ shortcuts from Target

Step 4: Delete the browser hijacker related files & entries


Step 1: Remove the browser hijacker related program
Step 2: Remove the browser hijacker from browsers

The browser hijacker may set itself as your browser homepage and default homepage, so you need to remove it by deleting its URL from the Hompage field, and removing its search engine from your browser.

ie iconFor Internet Explorer:

1. Open IE browser. Click on Tools, and then select Internet Options from the drop-down menu.

click options
2. Under General tab, delete the unwanted URL from the Home page section, and then type a website URL that you want to set as the homepage. Click OK to save the changes.

delete undesired URL

3. Click the Tools, and select Manage Add-ons from the drop-down menu.

click manage add-on
4. ClickSearch Providers in the left side of the window, select a search provider available from the list that you prefer and click the Set as default button.

set as default
5. Highlight the unwanted search engine and click on Remove button. Then click on OK button.

click remove

firefox icon For Mozilla Firefox:

1. Open Firefox browser. Click on the Firefox menu (3-bar icon) in the upper right corner of the window, and then select Options.

click options
2. In the open page, in the General tab, select Show my home page from the drop-down list of When Firefox starts.

tick show home page
3. In the Home Page section, remove URL associated with Motious.com and then type the website URL you prefer.

delete unwanted URL

4. Click the Search tab in the left side, under the Default Search Engine section, click on the drop-down menu and select the one that you want to set as the default search engine.
5. Under the One-click search engines section, select the unwanted search engine and click on the Removebutton. Then close this page.

chrome icon For Google Chrome:

1. Start Chrome browser. Click on the Chrome menu (3-bar icon) and select Settings in the drop-down menu.

click settings
2. In the page that opens, locate Startup section, and click on Set pages.

click set pages
3. In the pop-up window, delete the unwanted website URL, type a desired website address, and then click OKbutton.

remove unwanted url
4. Navigate to the Appearance section, check Show Homepage button and then click on Change.

click change
5. Delete http://Motious.com from the Open this page field by clicking X. Type a website address you like and then click OK.

delete unwanted_url

6. Locate the Search section, and click on Manage Search Engines.
7. Under Default search settings section, make the search engine you prefer as the default.
8. Then, hover over the unwanted search engine, and click the X icon. Click on OK to save the changes.

Step 3: Clean affected browsers’ shortcuts from Target

Below are the steps to clean Google Chrome’s shortcut:

1. Right click on icon of Google Chrome browser on the desktop and click on the Properties option.


2. Under the Shortcut tab, locate Target, and then remove the unwanted URL added after “C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”

remove shortcut

3. Click OK to save your change.

To clean Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and other browsers’ shortcuts, please apply the steps given above.


Step 4: Delete the browser hijacker related files & entries

According to research by Enigma Software, this browser hijacker creates the following files and entries:

You can first open the C drive, use the search function to search for the files above and then delete them from your computer.

search for files

Then, follow the steps below to delete the entries above:

1. Press Window key + R key together.

2. When a Run command box appears, type regedit and click OK.

type regedit

3. Once the registry editor opens, click Edit and select Find option.

click find

4. Type search-shield into the box and click Find Next.

click find next

5. Once you get the search results, delete the entries related to the browser hijacker.

delete entries

Important note: Please be very careful when editing the registry, since any mistake would cause system problems or program failure. You should only delete the malicious entries from the Windows registry. If you are not sure, then let a tool to help you instead.

Auto-fix: Use SpyHunter to Remove Motious.com


What is SpyHunter?

SpyHunter is a poweful anti-malware program published by Enigma Group. With advanced features, this program can help general PC users to prevent and remove computer malware infections. SpyHunter is available in both a free version and a paid version. The free version allows users to run a malware detection only; the paid version offers more features that can not only allow users to detect malware threats, but also remove them permanently.

Why we recommend SpyHunter?

rounded-glossy-black-icon-symbols-shapes-checkmark-solid-circle Effectively detect and remove malware threats. rounded-glossy-black-icon-symbols-shapes-checkmark-solid-circle Malware definitions are updated daily. rounded-glossy-black-icon-symbols-shapes-checkmark-solid-circle Free technical support and custom fixes for hard-to-kill malware.

Now you can take the steps below to remove the annoying browser hijacker by using Spyhunter:

Download SpyHunter installer by clicking the link below.


Save the file on your desktop and then you will see an icon as below. Run it. And then start installing SpyHunter on your PC by following the setup wizard step by step.

Once the installation is complete, launch SpyHunter and you will see its main screen as below. Now click the Scan Computer Now button to start scanning your computer system.

spyhunter-scan computer now

During the scanning, SpyHunter will check your files, registry and memory for potential malware threats. This procedure can take some time, so please be patient.

scanning process

Once the scanning is finished, SpyHunter will show the scan result as below. Make sure all items have been selected and click Fix Threats button. SpyHunter will start to completely remove Search.eshield.com browser hijacker (including files, folders, and registry keys) as well as other detected threats from your computer.

fix threats

Restart your PC to complete the removal.

What If Motious.com Remains?

It rarely occurs, but if SpyHunter really fails to permanently remove this browser hijacker, you can contact the tech support through the Spyware HelpDesk on left side of the main screen of the program. SpyHunter’s technicians will be available to help resolve your problem.

spyware helpdesk

How To Remove Search.Conduit From Google Chrome


A lot of computer user have complaint that something wrong happened on their PC, and they don’t know what it is. They have found that their browsers will keep sending them to Motious.com whatever they are doing. This is not a reliable website. Instead it is identified as an obnoxious browser hijacker which can change browser settings in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer on your PC without any permission. Basically, Bazz Search hijacker comes together with freeware applications downloaded from the Internet. Once it is running, you will be bombarded with hundreds of pop-up advertisements. You will experience low speed operation, blue screen of death, and working suspended consecutively. The hijacker even stops your browsing activities and may probably disconnect your Internet by modifying your DNS setting. Don’t hesitate to get rid of Motious.com hijacker from your machine.

How to protect yourself

We must not be taken lightly when browsing the web. Maybe hackers or cyber criminals are exploiting your system or browser vulnerabilities to attack your PC at this very moment. In the past, maybe a reliable antivirus program is enough to protect your PC security. But now it can’t. Thousands of malware are released on the internet every single day. The common security software just can help to detect but can’t help to remove. Only a real-time anti-malware program can thoroughly remove all types of malware and effectively block malicious programs from entering your PC.


In addition, to protect yourself, you should avoid

Visiting malicious websites

Opening spam emails

Downloading freeware from potentially shady website